Monday, August 21, 2017


皆さんこんにちは!! (Lots of pictures this week so keep scrolling!)

This week was absolutely insane! It was full of ups and downs! 
We had zone conference in Yamato on Wednesday. We talked about planning, using time wisely, and setting goals. I learned so much from it and I am ready to apply it! My district had the special musical number too! We did a special version of "Nearer My God to Thee".  I played piano and they sung; it went great! 

Thursday was rough. We met with Suzukiさん at the usual park, which I actually managed to get a picture of this time! After the English portion, we tried to set up next lesson's English topic. Then he told us that this lesson would be the last lesson. He said he has tests every month from now on and he has to get into hardcore mode studying. So he won't be able to meet :( He said if he has time, he'd love to take another gospel lesson though. Although he won't be using his phone anymore at some point so he can focus more. Contacting him will be pretty hard; the only contact we would have is through Takemura姉妹 because she knows his mom well. We did teach him the Word of Wisdom. Despite him drinking coffee, he said he will do his best to live the Word of Wisdom. I have faith that the Lord will take care of him!

On Friday afternoon, we stopped by the Naoi家族's house. They aren't members but they've been having missionaries over for the last 6 years. Anyways, Naoi姉妹 took us to a care center. She played the mandolin and we got to sing some Japanese folk songs for the people there. My companion and I also sung a couple hymns. It was a great service opportunity! We then had a YSA barbecue at night. We had 焼肉(yakiniku); it was so good! We got to know the YSA better; some of them I met for the first time! Towards the end, our investigator Uesugiさん, showed up! He immediately became friends with all of them and had a great time! We were super glad he came because that would be the last time we see him; he left to America the next day. Hopefully he runs into some missionaries there!

After district meeting on Saturday, we went to the Atsugi Naval base for a zone blitz. They were having a summer festival there so the base was open to everyone. Right off the train, we were able to talk to a bunch of people! A lot of them were Americans; it was weird 伝道'ing in English! I split off with Harrison長老 and we began walking to the base. I talked to this guy name Ryan. It turns out he is from Anaheim, California; only 15分 away from me! What a small world! His brother is serving in the Japan Sendai mission but he isn't a member. He said he would check out the church though! 

We proceeded to the base, talking to a TON of people. I walked down some streets that reminded me of good ol' Los Angeles. There was a group of African Americans barbecuing some Caribbean chicken and blasting some rap music. It was crazy haha. We walked past them and then we got to the base entrance. We handed out some fliers for a bit then we went in. There was a long line to enter, but luckily for us, there was a separate line for us foreigners :p As soon as I got in, it was like a whole different world! I felt like a walked into a theme park disguised as America haha! We went to Taco Bell for dinner! I got a nice Crunchwrap Supreme...Man I missed it so much!! I even got American coins for change! 

After we finished eating, we left the base grounds and continued to 伝道. At this point, there were some suuuuper black clouds in the distance. The lighting and thunder was picking up. Within 20 minutes, we got a call from another companionship. They said the rain had just him them hard and it was coming for us! I still kept trying to hand out fliers and then BAM! The rain came! It felt like little rocks! We got another call, telling us to go to the barbecue people for shelter; that's exactly what we did. It was pouring like crazy so we just ran as fast as we could to them. At this point, all 5 of us were completely soaked. The rain was incredibly heavy; I've never experienced anything like that before. It was getting late and we thought we might not make it home for the night. We didn't let that stop us! We kept talking to them; they were all GOLDEN!! This guy, Larry, just out of the blue asks me "So what's the church like tomorrow?" and I got to tell him! We talked about God and he said he definitely believes there is a God! I was able to tell him all about the Restoration and gave him the pamphlet (I wish I had another English Book of Mormon). He lives in a different area but he said he would go to church the next morning!! The other elders got to talk to the other guys there and they all were interested!! It was a testimony to me that if we open our mouths to everyone, no matter what our situation, God will lead us to those that are ready to receive us! 

When the rain lightened up, our good ol' brothers gave us some plastic bags for our 伝道 bags and we booked it to the station. Eventually it stopped raining and we made it home safely! I've never experienced so much in one day; I loved it! I look forward to more crazy experiences like this! I love you all!! また来週ね!

-Elder Chab

The park we have our lessons with Suzukiさん at!

Singing at the care home!

Naoi姉妹 and her teacher plus us!



On base!


(Still more!) 


The crew at Taco Bell!

This girl randomly came up to us and asked for a picture! 

Our good ol' brothers that kept us safe from the rain! 

(Just a couple more!)

Qiu姉妹 and Golf!

QIu姉妹 and her husband Shimizuさん fed us some awesome Chinese food Sunday night!

We went to the golf range today! (I'm not good at golf)

(Phew, you made it to the last picture for this week ^-^) 

Monday, August 14, 2017



I honestly don't remember too much from this week :p But I'll try my best!

We met with Suzuki-san again. He is way good at English so for the English portion, we just have a conversation with him. We taught him the Restoration; he is progressing so much! At the end of the lesson he asked us "If, like a big if, if I don't get baptized, can we still be friends?" And we said "Of course! But we do know that you'll receive many more blessings if you do." Then he said "I know! It is a very small chance that I won't get baptized because I am starting to believe these things are true" HOW AWESOME IS THAT?? MIRACLE! We love him so much! Unfortunately Sundays are still hard for him because of his study class. We asked if the Takemura family(they referred him to us) can bring him to church when he has some off time and he said that would be great! We'll be meeting him again this week! So excited!

Yesterday night, we walked around our local train station. We stopped a guy and then he took a Book of Mormon out of our hands and asked what it was! That's never happened to me before! We talked about it and he seemed really interested. He had to leave right after we finished explaining it because his stomach was hurting and had to go to the bathroom :p But he knows where the church is so he said he will stop by. We did give him a Restoration pamphlet though! And that's why we always walk around with a Book of Mormon in our hands! 

It's been raining pretty much the whole week! I love it! I wish we got this much rain in California! 

We tried to do some 伝道 in a nearby park. There were a lot of runners and nature lovers. We got to talk to a couple people, some of them knew about Mormons already! Anyway, we were looking at a pond that had a lot of fish. Then we noticed an interesting fish....THE DORITO FISH!!! It was just an empty Dorito bag haha But we thought it was funny because we were just enjoying nature and then BAM we got hit with a Dorito bag! 

So recently, I keep getting asked to play the piano for church and various mission meetings. I'm not sure why, especially because I am not that good and I NEED practice. I rarely get time to practice; I don't want to set time aside other than P-day to practice because I know that's not my purpose right now. But I've been trying my best on P-day to practice so I can serve others when I am asked. Despite not having practiced during the week, I can pick up where I left off and it's easier to learn. The Lord gives us talents for a reason. And if we use them to serve others, he will help us develop them. I know that the Lord is helping me and I am so grateful for another way to serve my fellow brothers and sisters. So please, use your talents!!! If you don't know what yours is, I challenge you to ask God in prayer. I know that he will help! また来週ね!

-Elder Chab

I love nature!

Sister Yoza made us sandwiches for district meeting!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017



Well, the Tokyo temple will be closing for remodeling in late September. Today was my last temple visit on my mission :( But I'm glad I got to as many times as I did! It's such an amazing experience! 

We had a crazy storm on Tuesday. I've never heard such loud thunder in my life! We took a look outside on our porch and we almost got hit by lightning! It struck about a car's length away from us! Way cool experience though!

We met with one of our investigators, Suzuki-san,  twice this week at a park. We taught some English as well as the Plan of Salvation and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is progressing so much! He also accepted our invitation to be baptized on September 23! He studies a lot for school. Like, A TON. We are talking about 10 hours a day for a test in February! Because of that, it can be a bit difficult to meet, but hey, he's willing to make it happen! Now the bad thing is that there were a bunch of mosquitos in that park...I've never gotten so many bites in my life! I had about 10 on my legs and a couple on my arms! I don't know why they like me so much! I was in pain for a couple days haha!

Yesterday, I went on splits with the zone leaders, Coleman長老, Harrison長老, and Eteru長老. It was a blast! We talked to so many people and gave out 6 Book of Mormons! We talked to people that I normally wouldn't even think about. I really wish I could describe everything but it wouldn't be the same as living it. I love being a missionary! また来週ね!

-Elder Chab

I was with Harrison長老 and Coleman長老 on splits and we saw Eteru長老 and Bateman長老 walking the opposite way! It was a super hot day too!

Harrison長老, Eteru長老, and I ending splits with a perk! 


Last temple trip!

"Do the Bateman"

The Tokyo Temple!

Monday, July 31, 2017



I'm extremely low on time today because our zone went to a zoo called "Zoorasia". It was way cool! There was this animal called an "Okapi". It had the legs of a zebra but looked liked a short giraffe. Pretty interesting. We didn't get to see all of the exhibits because of time but we'll be going back in a couple weeks with an investigator. 

The Hodogaya area is just crazy! We have about 10 investigators and they are all progressing! One has a baptismal date in October! I wish I could explain more, but I'm really out of time. But they are all amazing people and they really want to learn more about the gospel! We have at least an appointment per day, sometimes 2-3. We barely have time to study! 

Next week will be our last temple P-day, so I'll catch you all on Tuesday! また来週ね!

-Elder Chab

We went to a festival with Sasakiさん! Unfortunately we got there right as it was ending so we didn't get to do the dance. Still way cool!

Hodogaya goes to the zoo!

Fujisawa East zone!

Our zone leaders! (We have 3 right now)

Polar bear!


Monday, July 24, 2017


Feliz navidad mis amigos!

It's the 24/25th of the month again soooo it's Christmas time! We celebrated it as a zone today! We went to the Fujisawa stake center, exchanged gifts, opened transfer calls, watched "Mr.Kreuger's Christmas", and played dodgeball. I got some nice shades, too bad I can't use them on the mission. But it's all good because I love Christmas!

We met with our new 英会話 students, Hokutoさん and Shimizuさん, on Friday. They went to eat ramen with us for dinner, which was way good. After that, Shimizuさん had to leave but we went with Hokutoさん back to the church for a lesson. He is studying English so he can take a test and go to Australia for college. So we helped him with his speaking ability, he is pretty good! He isn't super interested in the gospel right now so we taught simply about God and prayer. He said the closing prayer at the end too! He said he can probably meet again in August. He's not super prepared to receive the gospel but that's okay. I think with him, we will have to be patient, especially because he is focused so much on learning English. 

We got to do some service on Saturday! We helped Abe姉妹 weed the church garden and plant new flowers. 石井兄弟 came to help too! It was super hot, but way fun! It reminded me of when I did yard work with my dad! 

Ever since I got to Atsugi, we've done a few 食べ放題(tabehoudai-buffet). Shabushabu and cake. After gardening,  石井兄弟 told us about a 食べ放題 at Mister Donuts. Us being 外人s, we gladly accepted the challenge. You would think we learned our lesson after doing it twice but nope! We could eat as many donuts as we wanted for one hour. We had to eat about 10 donuts to get our money's worth...I stopped at 6😁 I don't eat too much sugary things and that was no exception! But it was worth the experience! I then went on a 突然交換(totsuzen koukan- sudden splits)with Gilbert長老 and taught the TOEIC class again. 

So 横山さん has been feeling a lot of pain recently due to his medical condition. He wasn't able to make it to church this week. But we did stop by his house after church, with 種岡兄弟, the ward mission leader. He said he was feeling a lot of stress recently. Him and 種岡兄弟 talked things through; we couldn't understand too much but we were able to testify! We reviewed repentance and then we gave him a priesthood blessing. We didn't get to go over what we planned, but I think he needed what 種岡兄弟 had to say. 

I'm being transferred! My new area is Hodogaya and I will be with Elder Bateman. He was the tech staff a couple transfers ago, so that'll be fun! Kinda odd because I just got to Atsugi last transfer; this is the third time I've done a "one and done" transfer. I guess that means that I am needed somewhere else! I will go and do whatever the Lord requires! I am now on my 7th transfer, 7th companion, and 5th area! Not normal for most missionaries but hey, I knew a mission wasn't going to be a "normal" experience. I love it! また来週!

-Elder Chab

Our 英会話 board this week! I tried to draw the guy from the McDonald's manga! 

Temple picture from last week! 

食べ放題 at Mister Donut!


Merry Christmas in July!

Gilbert長老 and I are on splits for the rest of the night..We got a small dinner and Monsters! Yay!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Wow it's been a crazy week! I went to the temple today as well! As we were about to get home, my companion realized he forgot his iPad at the temple so we are currently on a train back to the temple! Another hour and a half :) 

We had interviews with President Warnick this week. I've honestly been having a rough time recently due the lack of success and sorting things out with my companion. He gave me some advice and assured me that everything will be okay. A mission is definitely not easy but I love it. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything else!

So we had a lot of crazy meals this week. After interviews, we celebrated Black姉妹's birthday at "Sweet's Paradise". It's a dessert buffet! You can eat as much cake, Hägen-daaz(I have no idea how to spell it) ice cream, and curry as you'd like for an hour! Now me being not much of a sweets eater, this was quite the stretch. I ate more cake than I've ever eaten at birthday parties within the last 3 years! We didn't even eat for the whole hour; we stopped around 40 minutes or so. 

On Thursday, I went on splits with Gilbert長老. We met with Salem, a potential investigator. We met at this place called "Hungry Tiger". We had no idea that he invited friends, one who was really buff! Like almost as buff as Dwayne Johnson! It was crazy! They all speak English almost perfectly. They recommended we try the steak wasn't cheap but hey, it's been a while since we had a nice steak so we got it. It was definitely worth it! But would I do again? Most likely not! We talked a lot about what we do as missionaries; they said they really like what we do. That's about as far as we got for now, especially cause our original plans got wrecked; we didn't anticipate 4 other people being there. Woops :p 

Our investigator, 横山さん, came to church on Sunday!!! It hasn't come since I arrived in Atsugi so it's been a while. We were able to teach him after church about the commandments! 
Also, we were at church for about 6 hours on Sunday! We had the usual DCS meeting in the morning, regular church, a lesson with Yokoyamaさん, and then we had the Spanish sacrament meeting after! It's been about two years since I took Spanish but I still understood about 60%! It was great! Perhaps I can perfect my Spanish while learning Japanese!

So that was pretty much my week. Transfer calls will now be the Monday of transfer week instead of the Saturday before. That means next Monday, the 24th, we get transfer calls already!
It's been a year since I opened my mission call. Never would I have imagined what would happen in the next year. The mission life is just wonderful. また来週!

-Elder Chab


I made a Facebook post earlier his week. Gaining a testimony doesn't happen overnight, so don't give up!

Our new student at 英会話! He's a stuntman!

The glorious steak and hambagu!

The conveyor belt sushi restaurant! Forgot this picture from a couple weeks back:p

Splits with Lind長老! This is our new friend Suzuki! We met him on the street and hopefully we can meet with him soon!

My companion and I bought a big donut-like cake! 

Sunday, July 9, 2017



The weeks get faster and faster! And it keeps getting hotter! I miss winter already! For those who don't know, I prefer the cold much more! If it's cold, I can just put on a coat/jacket. But there's not much of an option for summer! 

We had district blitz on Tuesday. We rode our bikes halfway up to 愛川町(Aikawamachi), which is the furthest portion of our area. We went to the college there and did some streeting. I was with Gilbert長老 for the first hour and Lind長老 the second hour. While I was with Lind長老, we ran into a guy that had an awesome motorcycle in front of his house; we decided to talk to him. His name is Narita and he was way cool! He gladly accepted a Book of Mormon! He then told us a typhoon was coming! It started to rain a bit by that point so we said bye and then rushed back to the 7/11 to meet the rest of the district. We found quite a bit of potential investigators amongst all 6 of us, yayyy!

We began our 30 minute bike ride home, in the rain! Other than the fact that water kept getting in my eyes, I thought it was pretty fun! We went to くら寿司(kurasushi), which was a conveyor belt sushi restaurant, for dinner! It was the coolest experience I've ever had at a restaurant. There are plates of sushi on conveyor belts that go through out the restaurant; you can grab whatever you want! Each plate had two pieces, and get this, every plate of sushi was only a dollar! If you wanted something specific, you can order it on the touch screen menu and then it will be delivered to your table on a separate "speedy" conveyor belt! You never have to leave the table to get food! I had 9 plates; it was hard to limit myself because the sushi was so good but there's no way I'm spending all my money in one setting haha! If you ever see a conveyor belt sushi restaurant, I highly recommend! When we left, the typhoon had already begun! It was just pouring rain and some streets were flooding! Luckily home was only 5 minutes away! District blitz, conveyor belt sushi, and a typhoon all in the same day... Only in Japan ;) 

We went to a lot of places to house this week, including some HUGE apartment complexes. They were 11 stories high haha. Sadly, no one was interested. Which is too bad because they are missing out on so many blessings. But perhaps they aren't ready yet ;) 

We visited 横山さん again on Saturday. But we were able to teach him about faith and repentance. It was great and he understood everything. We also taught him some English phrases and he played a song that he wrote on piano for us! He's great! Unfortunately, he still doesn't feel too well to come to church, so please pray for him!

 This heat is a killer! Especially when they don't turn on the AC during church and you're wearing a suit. I accidentally fell asleep in church because of it! Whoops! After church, we streeted around 海老名駅. We talked to two teens that had just finished watching a movie at the theater. One of them had a Star Wars shirt so I asked him about that. After doing some BRT, we talked about the Plan of Salvation and showed them the "What Happens After We Die?" video. They really enjoyed it! We gave them some pamphlets and tried to exchange contact info, but they said no :( Hopefully we see them again!

So that was pretty much our week. We walked A LOT; my feet are so sore. But we had many opportunities to talk to people. We are going to the temple next week so P-day will be on Tuesday next week. It'll be the 2nd to last time I get to go on my mission because the Tokyo temple is closing for remodeling in October :( But I am so glad that I've gotten to go every transfer! The mission life really is the greatest! また来週

-Elder Chab
チャブ長老 or 茶武長老

Found some nice fields on the way to district blitz!

So Gilbert長老 really likes Spiderman...He gave us masks after district meeting! 

Another rice field!

More rice fields while heading to the big apartments!

The view from the 11th floor!

Monday, July 3, 2017



We played basketball today with the other elders in the zone and Gilbert長老 and Lind長老's investigator, Takumi-san. It was super hot but way fun! Anyway, I don't have too much time. 

We had zone conference on Tuesday. The focus was the Book of Mormon; it was amazing! We've been using the Book of Mormon a lot more in our 伝道 and we've seen so many miracles! Instead of carrying the Book of Mormon in our bags, we carry them in our hand and it's been so much easier to talk about it and give it out to people. We've set a goal as a district to hand out 100 Book of Mormons for the month of July. 95 more to go! 

I had shabushabu for the first time on Saturday. We went with the other elders and Takumi-san. Basically, there is a boiling pot of sauce, you throw in thin strips of meat and vegetables and let it cook, and eat it with rice. It was super おいしい!  We ate a ton too because the next day was fast Sunday! We then went to my bean area, Shonan, for zone blitz! We gave out 11 Book of Mormons and found 6 new investigators for the Shonan 宣教師! Seriously, if you haven't read the Book of Mormon, please read it! I know that it is true and it will bless your life more than you can imagine!

So our investigator, Yokoyama-san, hasn't been meeting with us because he's had some health problems. We stopped by his house on Sunday and read the Book of Mormon. He's so awesome!    Unfortunately we found out that his condition is serious. Please pray for him!

Well that's about all the time I have for today. Good news is that I didn't crash on my bike this week! Good luck with the summer weather! また来週!

-Elder Chab
チャブ長老 or 茶武長老

Found some cool flowers after P-day last week!

And some weird dome things!

The view from the apartment! Mt. Fuji in the back!


Zone blitz! 

Sunday, June 25, 2017



I thought summer was supposed to be picking up but there has been a lot of cloudy/rainy weather this past week! I'm enjoying it though!

About getting wrecked... Last Monday night, we went to look for some apartments in Ayase, which is super country-like; there are rice fields everywhere! We were on our way home, biking down some moderately steep hills. I was leading and my companion behind me. There was a pretty sharp turn, so I had to slow down. While turning, my back tire went over a small dirt pile and I lost traction and slid. I couldn't regain control after that. My bike flipped sideways, I was thrown off my bike, rolled a couple times on the ground, and then skidded on my right side to a stop. From my point of view, it was pretty crazy; I just saw colors everywhere. It was like a movie scene haha. I stood up right when my companion caught up to me, nearly unscathed. I got some minor scrapes on my elbows, right shoulder, and my lower right hip(which I later found out was more than a minor scrape haha). I also sprained my middle and 4th finger on my right hand. My fanny pack and white shirt took most of the blow haha. There's a hole in my fanny pack(which I patched up) and a hole in my brand new shirt that I bought the week before. My bike was pretty much fine, it just doesn't shift gears as smoothly. I'm glad it was mainly my items that got damaged instead of me. God definitely gave me some help there :) We got back on our bikes after and rode home, which was a bit painful :) 

I went on splits with Magaña長老 from Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday in Fujisawa藤沢. He is from Mexico but lived in Canada for several years and he loves golf. It was so much fun to 伝道 with him! We talked to a bunch of people, gave out two Book of Mormons and a couple pamphlets! He is a fantastic missionary! He only has a transfer left :o Wednesday was pouring rain, so we studied in the morning. While heading back to our area, two of our umbrellas got destroyed because of the wind...But I bought a super nice one that is supposed to be "inside-out-proof". We'll see what happens during typhoon season haha :) We had district meeting and 英会話 later that night. My companion and I taught advanced class. It felt a bit weird because I was teaching TOEIC solo in my last area for 2 transfers. But it was still fun!

We met with Masuzawa-san on Thursday evening. He is in his 60s and is an architect. His house and office are the same building, pretty interesting! His lady friend, Aiko, (they aren't married) was there as well. He prepared stuff to make sushi! He taught us how to make our own and man it was super good! Oh and I like shrimp now, so I used a lot of that for my sushi haha :) They talked a lot, so it was kinda hard to get started with our message. We introduced the Book of Mormon to them and gave them a couple things to read. Aiko was really into the BoM; she already finished what we told them to read before we left haha. They are excited to learn more though! We didn't get to set up another appointment with them before we left but that shouldn't be a problem :) 

When everyone got home that night, I asked Lind長老 if he could give me a blessing of comfort. It's been a bit difficult getting used to the new area, companion and well, the mission in general. Lind長老 accepted my request and my companion and Gilbert長老 joined in as well. Lind長老's words sounded like they were from God himself; I got the comfort I was seeking :) The blessing was a bit long though (which isn't bad). Before Lind長老 closed the blessing, my companion all of a sudden withdrew his hands from my head. I opened my eyes-unfortunately a bit too late to realize what was about to happen- and saw him fall backward and hit his head on the dinner table. He fainted. Gilbert長老, Lind長老, and I were super confused. I grabbed the phone and we called Warnick姉妹 while we helped him. He woke up a couple seconds later, confused who we were, and then came back. He told us it had happened before and that he has low blood pressure so he can't stand up still for too long and that he locked his knees during the blessing. We joked a bit after, saying that he felt the Spirit too strong haha. But he's perfectly fine now! Definitely a blessing to remember! 

We had a baptism for the sisters' investigator, 清美さん, who speaks Spanish。A lot of the 南米(nanbei-South America) missionaries that helped her came as well. The talks were in Spanish(also translated into Japanese)! I never thought I'd make use of my Spanish while in Japan but I was wrong! I was also asked to play piano for the meeting! I played "When I am Baptized" and "I Feel My Savior's Love" as well as "A Child's Prayer" for the special music number, sung in Spanish by the missionaries. It was a great opportunity! Carrasco長老 performed the baptism and Magaña長老 confirmed her the next day in 聖餐会(seisankai-Sacrament meeting). Everyone, myself included, was so happy for 清美姉妹! What a glorious day! I am so thankful for the opportunity as a missionary to help Heavenly Father's children find their way back to Him!  

We also had a lesson with 横山さん. 小松兄弟 helped us out a lot! We taught the Restoration, focusing on Jesus Christ. We then gave 横山さん a calendar with the dates and lessons planned out for him to be baptized on July 22! He is super excited and really wants to follow Christ! Unfortunately, he said he was still a bit sick so he couldn't come to church this past Sunday. Please pray for him! 

Well, that ended up being longer than I intended, ごめんなさい!! But with as many interesting experiences that come with being a missionary, it's hard to choose what to share! Anyway, I hope all of you are able to have your own adventures this week! 
-Elder Chab
チャブ長老 or 茶武長老

Rice fields!

You can see Mt. Fuji way in the distance!