Monday, October 16, 2017



Its been raining for the last 4-5 days and its supposed to continue all week. I'm from California so this is absolutely amazing! Rain or shine, I'm ready!

So I had the opportunity to go on splits with our fantastic zone leaders. Eteru長老 and I were able to meet with one of their investigators and set a baptismal date for December 23! I'd never met him before but I know he is so prepared by the Lord! I'm looking forward to his baptism! The next day, I went with Harrison長老 to 鎌倉(Kamakura) for their district meeting. We talked to a lot of people on the train. When I got there, it was so 懐かしい(natsukashii-nostalgic). It's been almost a year since I served in 鎌倉! I then went on splits(while still on splits) with 池上長老. We went to their apartment and helped unload some furniture from the Tokyo temple into the Kamakura house. There were about 25 chairs, 6 tables, 7 rice cookers and so much more! 
Then we went to district meeting. Harrison長老 and I gave the training from MLC; it was a fantastic training and we were in tears by the end of it. We then scrambled back to 大和(Yamato) for splits review. Despite being super busy and jumping from place to place, it was awesome being a zone leader for a day! I learned so much from splits!

We went to 希望ヶ丘(Kibougaoka) on Wednesday to do some streeting. Right off the bat, we stopped an older man. He asked us a couple questions and we were able to explain what we do as missionaries. Turns out he's read a bit from the Bible and he really wants to know more. His name is Ban. He accepted a Book of Mormon and then gave us his phone number and address, telling us to stop by anytime because he has so much time! Miracle! 

On Saturday, I gave my first training for district meeting. It was about helping investigators go from a baptismal date to baptism. When I first received the assignment, I was unsure where to start. But through some diligent PMG study and the Spirit's guidance, it went pretty well. It gave me a test of what being district leader is like.

Speaking of that, we got transfer calls! I am staying in Hodogaya and my new companion will be Yang長老! He is from Taiwan; he speaks Chinese, Japanese, and English! How exciting! On top of that...I got called to be a district leader! Looking forward to this next transfer! 

Now about the "fuzzies". We get a lot of bread from a member in Hodogaya. So we use the toaster a lot. Bateman長老 often forgets how hot the bread will be coming out of the toaster and picks it up with his hand. Sometimes it's so hot that he accidentally drops it and it hits the floor. He describes the floor germs as "the fuzzies". But being American and believing in the "5 second rule", he still eats it after. So that's where that comes from!

We went to Yokohama today! We went to this all-you-can-eat Mexican restaurant called "La Salsa". I had 7 burritos haha! I love Mexican food! Then we walked around. The area reminded me of the pier back at home in Long Beach, CA. Landmark Tower is wayy tall! Absolutely great sights! また来週ね!

-Elder Chab

While doing some grocery shopping, people kept telling me I look like Trump...I don't know why.

We got Indo curry after district meeting with the zone leaders and their investigator!


Landmark Tower!

Couldn�ft fit the entire building in the picture!


The scenery from La Salsa! I�fd be convinced this was America!

Went to the Pokemon Center!

Sunday, October 8, 2017



First off, I wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my amazing mother! I am so thankful for her love and support all these years, especially on my mission! 

We met with 桝田兄弟 on Friday. It didn't go as planned, especially with our 同席 being a bit late. 桝田兄弟 said he read quite a few scriptures throughout the week, including the summary of 2 Nephi 31. He mentioned that he feels he needs to be 100% ready in order to be baptized but we told him if he continues to wait for the perfect moment, he might not ever get baptized. He said he has two Sundays off this month(A MIRACLE) and we told him that it's a blessing from God. We also shared 1 Nephi 3:7 and he loved it. Unfortunately our lesson ended a bit abruptly because 桝田兄弟 had to take his wife to work. We asked him if he would be baptized this coming Sunday but he said he's still unsure. We know he can do it!

So the last three days have been absolutely crazy. We've been so busy, especially with general conference. On Friday, we had no time for language study and didn't eat dinner until the day was over. On Saturday, we skipped companion study. And Sunday, we didn't have personal or companion study and dinner. But it was great cause we were fed spiritually and met with our investigators!

General conference was great! I learned a lot, especially from the Saturday sessions. A couple things I loved was the focus on the Book of Mormon and families. I've been able to read the Book of Mormon everyday on my mission so far and it's been a great blessing! I know that as we follow President Monson's counsel to read and ponder it everyday, we can have the strength to carry on our daily lives, even in times of trouble. Before conference, I had some time to think about some questions that I wanted answered. And each one of them were! I am so thankful for opportunity to receive such great counsel and revelation from our beloved leaders! Unfortunately I fell asleep a little bit for the Sunday sessions..I didn't get much sleep the night before..Too much 啓示(keiji-revelation)!

On Sunday night, we visited 清水兄弟 with 小山岸兄弟. We had a nice talk about church and it allowed 清水兄弟 to relax a little bit. Last week, he had told us that he "definitely does not have the desire to be baptized", so we were a bit worried. But we had some good laughs, especially because 小山岸兄弟 is a comedic genius haha. 清水兄弟 and his wife have been reading the Book of Mormon together every night since we last visited. Little by little, he's progressing! 
Then we booked it over to 桝田兄弟's again around 8:30. 高村兄弟 was also there and we were able to talk more about how he feels about his baptism. Recently, the 桝田家族 has been struggling with money, especially because the wife has to get surgery next month. On top of that, he has to find a new job and needs his health to improve. He feels that he needs to fix all of that before being baptized. We testified that God will help him, he just has to continue to take the steps toward baptism. Again, we are praying for him and we know he can do it!

We got the chance to stop by GU(clothing store) today. I was able to get a nice suit for only $65! And it is the most comfortable suit I've ever tried! Super satisfied haha. It was a great week! Now on to the last full week of the transfer! Time goes too fast! 
Anyway, I encourage all of you to read the conference talks if you haven't yet or just review them! Have a great week!また来週ね!

-Elder Chab

I don't have pictures this week...But here are some from my first transfer! Almost a year ago!

I didn't realize someone took a picture lol

Monday, October 2, 2017



It's October! I feel like the year just started! But that means general conference! I hope you all enjoyed the talks and were inspired to act accordingly!

So finding this week was rather slow but we did get to follow up with our investigators. 清水兄弟 says he still doesn't have the desire to be baptized. He's been reading the Book of Mormon each night with his wife. We'll keep praying for him. 桝田兄弟 said he wants to meet this Friday and that he has a day off on the 15th of the month, so he'll come to church. We believe that was the answer to his prayer so he can be baptized on that day. We'll talk to him his week and see how it goes! 

There was a baptism in the Kanagawa ward. We went with 佐々木さん and he enjoyed it! He said he felt a "wonderful feeling" and talked to some members there. We returned to our church and  read the Book of Mormon with him. He said that it helped him understand that he needs to come to church regularly! A great miracle!

We had zone P-day today! The companionship games hosted by our wonderful zone leaders, Eteru長老 and Harrison長老. We had several competitions, such as "Do you know your companion?", a relay race, scavenger hunt and more! We didn't win the grand prize but it was a lot of fun and the zone leaders really put a lot of work to make it happen! 

Although I haven't been able to watch conference yet(waiting for Japanese translation), I did get to look at "Three Sisters" by President Uchtdorf from the women's session. One of the key things he mentioned is that we should hold on to the iron rod no matter what our trial/situation is. We are all God's children. God knows all of our potential and he knows we can do it. And it's all possible through Jesus Christ, the Atonement and the gospel. That's all I can really summarize sooo I recommend you all read it for yourselves! Have a great week!また来週ね!

-Elder Chab

We went shopping today...they have halloween stuff, including a sword!



Fujisawa East Zone!

Sunday, September 24, 2017


They wore clothes that were donated to the church :p

水落兄弟 and my companion doing some modeling!


It's the 25th of the month again, so you know what that means! Also, fall is starting up and the weather is cooling down! Thank goodness! Oh and general conference is soon! I'll be watching it a week after it airs in America because of the translation. I'm excited!

We had interviews on Wednesday. I love Warnick会長! His words and love are inspiring! I also asked him to correct a video I had translated from English to 日本語 and he said I was all good to go! Yay! 

We met with 桝田(Masuda)兄弟 on Friday with 高村(Takamura)兄弟.They also went swimming together in the morning to get 桝田兄弟's body strength up; they said it was great! We went over the baptismal interview questions with 桝田兄弟 and talked about baptism a bit more. 桝田兄弟 has been investigating for about 20 years; his family are members but he hasn't been baptized because of his work. He believes everything and is practically ready to be baptized. We explained that he has permission to be baptized even though he can only come to church once a month. But he said he still wants to wait until he can come each week. Then on Sunday, he came to church! He talked with a member of the bishopric. He explained to him that perhaps   God wants him to be baptized now, then he can receive the blessing of a new job/ being able to come to church every week. 桝田兄弟 said he will think and pray about it. We'll keep praying for him too! I love him and his family so much and I want them to seem them at the temple as a family some day! 

On Saturday, we had an 秋祭り(aki matsuri-fall festival) at the church with the ward. It was a fantastic turnout! There was food (takoyaki, hotdogs, inari etc), games, and a fashion show by the young women in the ward. One of our investigators, Tan-san, came and he enjoyed it. He is Vietnamese and he's been in Japan for about a year. He talked to a lot of members too. My companion also got to do some modeling for the fashion show too haha. I love this ward!!!

Sunday night, we decided to stop by Qiu姉妹's house. Her husband, 清水さん, is not a member yet but he loves church, the members and the missionaries. He is super close to baptism as well, so we are really focusing on him. We read Ether together instead of what we originally planned because he hasn't been reading the Book of Mormon. When we finished, they promised they'd read together each night before they go to bed. Qiu姉妹 asked her husband about his thoughts on baptism and he said "別に" or "Nothing much". She then asked what's holding him back and he said "Nothing really". We promised him blessings and then told them about the baptism in the Kanagawa ward this week but they can't go because they are going to the temple and she's going to show him around. He really loves wife though, especially if he's willing to wait 2 hours for her at the temple haha. We'll be visiting again hopefully next week. I wanna help him so much!

It's been great focusing on helping others on the gospel path, especially when they are so close to baptism. Please pray for them! I hope you are all ready for general conference for those back in America! I challenge you to have one question or something you want to learn in mind as you watch and I promise you'll find an answer! また来週ね! 

-Elder Chab

So it's spider season now...We found a big web and put a poster on it :p (Don't worry, we took it off)

Sunday, September 17, 2017



Another supercalifragilistic-expialidocious week! I'm sorry non-English speakers for that long word! To be honest, this week was quite a blur but I'll do my best!

 We had district blitz in 弥生台(Yayoidai) on Wednesday. People there are just amazing! I passed out a ton of fliers and we talked to a lot of people! We even got a new potential investigator there! He really wants to learn more about Christ! Hopefully we can meet him again soon!

So we had a special zone conference on Thursday at Yamate. On September 1, 1901, the first four missionaries that came to Japan offered the dedicatory prayer for missionary work in Japan. The church building was very close to where the prayer was offered! We learned a lot about the history of the church in Japan. A couple weeks ago was the 116th anniversary. The church in Japan grew from 4 members to about 130,000. We even met 2 of the first 5 Japanese missionaries! What a great opportunity! 
Translating wasn't that bad. Papenfuss姉妹 was the other interpreter and she's pretty much fluent so I had a great helper!

On Saturday, we helped out the cub scouts with some geography stuff. We explained some American culture and facts. Then we went over to Fujisawa for the Chopin (pronounced "Shopan") concert with a couple 英会話 students. The pianist was 高畑姉妹 from the Atsugi ward! She's been playing piano since she was 4. She went to BYU Hawaii for a piano major and has played in a couple big symphonies! The music was incredible! I love Chopin! 

It rained from Saturday night until early this morning. We had another typhoon come by but we were already sleeping :p Fun stuff though! また来週ね!

-Elder Chab

I forgot to take pictures this week but here's some of the Yamate church!

Monday, September 11, 2017



Sometimes I forget that there is life outside of being a missionary! People will tell us about what's going on around the world and I am just blown away haha. Especially with all the natural disasters going on. I pray for each one of you and your safety everyday!

So I had quite a number of 交換(koukan-exchange/splits) with other missionaries this week. From Monday night to Tuesday evening, I went with the zone leaders. Rather, just Eteru長老 because his companion Harrison長老 was sick and had to stay home. Eteru長老 is from Australia and he is We talked to a couple people and I got to learn from one of the best finders in the mission. Harrison長老 loves the same music as me, including Linkin Park and Avenged Sevenfold. Small world!

I also went on splits with 関根長老, 池上長老, and Giles長老 on Friday. It wasn't a full splits but I did get to 伝道 with each one of them in Yamato. Our companions are district leaders and they had a new training for all the district leaders at the mission home so they went to that and the companions stayed behind and 伝道'd while they were gone. For a long time, there weren't many guys on the streets for us to talk to. While I was with the 日本人長老達 (Japanese elders), I got to speak more Japanese than usual. It was a good time to grow since I've never had a Japanese companion. Some guy called out to us at some point and told us to come over. He was blasting some Linkin Park song and rap. He then spoke a mix of English, Spanish, and Japanese to us. He didn't want to hear anything we said but said that he respects us. He then started rapping about us and dropped some cuss words in English and Spanish. 池上長老 and I were absolutely shocked because we never hear that out here haha. We did give out a couple Book of Mormons though. A lot of fun!

We did some cleaning the day before transfers and wow! There's so much space! We still have to get rid of some junk left behind by old missionaries though. For all you missionaries, don't leave stuff you don't want in the apartment! It's a pain to get rid of trash, especially in Japan! 

As for transfers, Sipe姉妹 is the new bean-chan! Straight from the MTC! 
It's been a year since a became a missionary! It's crazy to think I had a different life a year ago! I am excited for what's to come!

Recently, I've read a lot of articles from the Liahona and a couple talks from the most recent General Conference. I've learned so much! Something I wanted to share is from Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf's "Perfect Love Casteth Out Fear". He mentions that fear should not be the reason why we do things or why we make other people do things. Fear doesn't change our hearts to do good and people don't learn what they need to learn. Rather, when we replace fear with love, we can learn and benefit so much more! So please, strive to do everything with love! I love all of you! また来週!

-Elder Chab

From Misíon Latina last week with Higa兄弟 and 英会話 student from 厚木 ward! It was great seeing them again!

Throwback to 英会話 in 厚木!

Misíon Latina!


Meet Tenshin-kun! The coolest kid in young men's that I've ever met!

Glasses crew!

Kaoru-chan and us!

Monday, September 4, 2017



I just got back from Zoorasia again! We there for most of P-day. We went with our investigator, 佐々木さん! This time, we actually got to see everything! I even rode a camel! It was awesome! 

We met with a couple people this week; one of them was a new investigator. 張さん came to 教会 this Sunday! It was a bit hard for him because his main language is Chinese, but one of the members translated for him during Sunday school! We have quite a few promising investigators; I am super excited!

I don't have anymore time, but it was a great week! We got transfer emails too...and I'm staying in Hodogaya with Bateman長老! I'm glad to have another transfer here!

-Elder Chab

Rode a camel!

Monday, August 28, 2017



Another month coming to a close..Time passes way too quickly!! We had quite a lot of finding time this week, especially because our investigators are busy and couldn't meet. Lots of ups and downs, but hey, that's life! 

On Tuesday, we went to 弥生台(Yayoidai) and streeted around there. We got to talk to and older man who spoke English pretty much fluently. He mentioned that he was in America when Kennedy was shot and he was in Germany when the Berlin Wall was up. So he's done a lot of traveling. We talked to a high school student after. When we started talking about the モルモン書, his eyes lit up and he got excited. We gave him a モルモン書 and he said he would definitely read it! He's busy with studies but we got his phone number! Hopefully we see him soon!

英会話 was wild this week! The message this week was "I Feel Joy When I am Obedient". My companion wanted to do a little game to demonstrate. There was a circle on the board and the goal was to draw an X in the middle of it while being blindfolded. One of our investigators, Tan-san, volunteered. He is from Vietnam and he has a very heavy accent. He put on the blindfold and then asks, "Who's handkerchief is this?" Then my companion says "It's mine!". He responds, "Oh I love the smell!" Everyone burst into laughter and my companion turned into a tomato :p We later found out that it was a good smell at least! 

So with 與座(Yoza)姉妹's birthday being on Friday, a lot of people wanted to celebrate. After 英会話 on Wednesday, the students got together and had a surprise for her. We had poppers, snacks, and then one of the students, Takeno-san, played "Happy Birthday", Disney's "When You Wish Upon a Star" and an Okinawa folk song on the flute! It was awesome! Everyone is sooo kind here!

Sunday night was amazing as well! We we went out an walked towards the 駅. We talked to a couple people but they weren't too interested. We still hadn't fulfilled our goals for the day and we were running out of time. We kept pushing for it. Then we saw 3 high schoolers. I said hello to them and they stopped; normally groups don't stop but they did! We talked to them a bit; they were way into soccer and one has been playing for 10 years. Then we started talking about what we do as missionaries. One of the guys knew a lot about Jesus Christ and Christianity already, so  it was easy for him to understand and explain to his friends. In the end, we gave all 3 of them a モルモン書 and they said they would like to learn more! Unfortunately all their phones were dead because they were playing PokemonGo (they showed us proof) and couldn't give us their number. Apparently a lot of Japanese people don't have their phone number memorized. Go figure! We gave them ours and they said they will call us soon! 

We reached our goal of handing out 3 Book of Mormons and talking to 5 people that night. That experience strengthened my testimony of setting goals. I know that if we set goals and strive to achieve them, God will help us! 

So that's about all the time I have for today. I spent a lot of time working on a video for the zone's "Peaks and Pits" conference call every Sunday night. I played 4 different characters on 4 different videos. When I put them together, it'll be like they are talking to each other on a Skype call! It was harder than I thought :p I'll be going up to headquarters tonight for Family Home Evening; it'll be about a 1.5 hour train ride! また来週ね

-Elder Chab

I found another TESLA!!!!

We went to the YSA class for Sunday school!

Celebrated 與座姉妹's birthday on Friday with the Morimoto家族

Do we look better with glasses?

Monday, August 21, 2017


皆さんこんにちは!! (Lots of pictures this week so keep scrolling!)

This week was absolutely insane! It was full of ups and downs! 
We had zone conference in Yamato on Wednesday. We talked about planning, using time wisely, and setting goals. I learned so much from it and I am ready to apply it! My district had the special musical number too! We did a special version of "Nearer My God to Thee".  I played piano and they sung; it went great! 

Thursday was rough. We met with Suzukiさん at the usual park, which I actually managed to get a picture of this time! After the English portion, we tried to set up next lesson's English topic. Then he told us that this lesson would be the last lesson. He said he has tests every month from now on and he has to get into hardcore mode studying. So he won't be able to meet :( He said if he has time, he'd love to take another gospel lesson though. Although he won't be using his phone anymore at some point so he can focus more. Contacting him will be pretty hard; the only contact we would have is through Takemura姉妹 because she knows his mom well. We did teach him the Word of Wisdom. Despite him drinking coffee, he said he will do his best to live the Word of Wisdom. I have faith that the Lord will take care of him!

On Friday afternoon, we stopped by the Naoi家族's house. They aren't members but they've been having missionaries over for the last 6 years. Anyways, Naoi姉妹 took us to a care center. She played the mandolin and we got to sing some Japanese folk songs for the people there. My companion and I also sung a couple hymns. It was a great service opportunity! We then had a YSA barbecue at night. We had 焼肉(yakiniku); it was so good! We got to know the YSA better; some of them I met for the first time! Towards the end, our investigator Uesugiさん, showed up! He immediately became friends with all of them and had a great time! We were super glad he came because that would be the last time we see him; he left to America the next day. Hopefully he runs into some missionaries there!

After district meeting on Saturday, we went to the Atsugi Naval base for a zone blitz. They were having a summer festival there so the base was open to everyone. Right off the train, we were able to talk to a bunch of people! A lot of them were Americans; it was weird 伝道'ing in English! I split off with Harrison長老 and we began walking to the base. I talked to this guy name Ryan. It turns out he is from Anaheim, California; only 15分 away from me! What a small world! His brother is serving in the Japan Sendai mission but he isn't a member. He said he would check out the church though! 

We proceeded to the base, talking to a TON of people. I walked down some streets that reminded me of good ol' Los Angeles. There was a group of African Americans barbecuing some Caribbean chicken and blasting some rap music. It was crazy haha. We walked past them and then we got to the base entrance. We handed out some fliers for a bit then we went in. There was a long line to enter, but luckily for us, there was a separate line for us foreigners :p As soon as I got in, it was like a whole different world! I felt like a walked into a theme park disguised as America haha! We went to Taco Bell for dinner! I got a nice Crunchwrap Supreme...Man I missed it so much!! I even got American coins for change! 

After we finished eating, we left the base grounds and continued to 伝道. At this point, there were some suuuuper black clouds in the distance. The lighting and thunder was picking up. Within 20 minutes, we got a call from another companionship. They said the rain had just him them hard and it was coming for us! I still kept trying to hand out fliers and then BAM! The rain came! It felt like little rocks! We got another call, telling us to go to the barbecue people for shelter; that's exactly what we did. It was pouring like crazy so we just ran as fast as we could to them. At this point, all 5 of us were completely soaked. The rain was incredibly heavy; I've never experienced anything like that before. It was getting late and we thought we might not make it home for the night. We didn't let that stop us! We kept talking to them; they were all GOLDEN!! This guy, Larry, just out of the blue asks me "So what's the church like tomorrow?" and I got to tell him! We talked about God and he said he definitely believes there is a God! I was able to tell him all about the Restoration and gave him the pamphlet (I wish I had another English Book of Mormon). He lives in a different area but he said he would go to church the next morning!! The other elders got to talk to the other guys there and they all were interested!! It was a testimony to me that if we open our mouths to everyone, no matter what our situation, God will lead us to those that are ready to receive us! 

When the rain lightened up, our good ol' brothers gave us some plastic bags for our 伝道 bags and we booked it to the station. Eventually it stopped raining and we made it home safely! I've never experienced so much in one day; I loved it! I look forward to more crazy experiences like this! I love you all!! また来週ね!

-Elder Chab

The park we have our lessons with Suzukiさん at!

Singing at the care home!

Naoi姉妹 and her teacher plus us!



On base!


(Still more!) 


The crew at Taco Bell!

This girl randomly came up to us and asked for a picture! 

Our good ol' brothers that kept us safe from the rain! 

(Just a couple more!)

Qiu姉妹 and Golf!

QIu姉妹 and her husband Shimizuさん fed us some awesome Chinese food Sunday night!

We went to the golf range today! (I'm not good at golf)

(Phew, you made it to the last picture for this week ^-^) 

Monday, August 14, 2017



I honestly don't remember too much from this week :p But I'll try my best!

We met with Suzuki-san again. He is way good at English so for the English portion, we just have a conversation with him. We taught him the Restoration; he is progressing so much! At the end of the lesson he asked us "If, like a big if, if I don't get baptized, can we still be friends?" And we said "Of course! But we do know that you'll receive many more blessings if you do." Then he said "I know! It is a very small chance that I won't get baptized because I am starting to believe these things are true" HOW AWESOME IS THAT?? MIRACLE! We love him so much! Unfortunately Sundays are still hard for him because of his study class. We asked if the Takemura family(they referred him to us) can bring him to church when he has some off time and he said that would be great! We'll be meeting him again this week! So excited!

Yesterday night, we walked around our local train station. We stopped a guy and then he took a Book of Mormon out of our hands and asked what it was! That's never happened to me before! We talked about it and he seemed really interested. He had to leave right after we finished explaining it because his stomach was hurting and had to go to the bathroom :p But he knows where the church is so he said he will stop by. We did give him a Restoration pamphlet though! And that's why we always walk around with a Book of Mormon in our hands! 

It's been raining pretty much the whole week! I love it! I wish we got this much rain in California! 

We tried to do some 伝道 in a nearby park. There were a lot of runners and nature lovers. We got to talk to a couple people, some of them knew about Mormons already! Anyway, we were looking at a pond that had a lot of fish. Then we noticed an interesting fish....THE DORITO FISH!!! It was just an empty Dorito bag haha But we thought it was funny because we were just enjoying nature and then BAM we got hit with a Dorito bag! 

So recently, I keep getting asked to play the piano for church and various mission meetings. I'm not sure why, especially because I am not that good and I NEED practice. I rarely get time to practice; I don't want to set time aside other than P-day to practice because I know that's not my purpose right now. But I've been trying my best on P-day to practice so I can serve others when I am asked. Despite not having practiced during the week, I can pick up where I left off and it's easier to learn. The Lord gives us talents for a reason. And if we use them to serve others, he will help us develop them. I know that the Lord is helping me and I am so grateful for another way to serve my fellow brothers and sisters. So please, use your talents!!! If you don't know what yours is, I challenge you to ask God in prayer. I know that he will help! また来週ね!

-Elder Chab

I love nature!

Sister Yoza made us sandwiches for district meeting!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017



Well, the Tokyo temple will be closing for remodeling in late September. Today was my last temple visit on my mission :( But I'm glad I got to as many times as I did! It's such an amazing experience! 

We had a crazy storm on Tuesday. I've never heard such loud thunder in my life! We took a look outside on our porch and we almost got hit by lightning! It struck about a car's length away from us! Way cool experience though!

We met with one of our investigators, Suzuki-san,  twice this week at a park. We taught some English as well as the Plan of Salvation and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is progressing so much! He also accepted our invitation to be baptized on September 23! He studies a lot for school. Like, A TON. We are talking about 10 hours a day for a test in February! Because of that, it can be a bit difficult to meet, but hey, he's willing to make it happen! Now the bad thing is that there were a bunch of mosquitos in that park...I've never gotten so many bites in my life! I had about 10 on my legs and a couple on my arms! I don't know why they like me so much! I was in pain for a couple days haha!

Yesterday, I went on splits with the zone leaders, Coleman長老, Harrison長老, and Eteru長老. It was a blast! We talked to so many people and gave out 6 Book of Mormons! We talked to people that I normally wouldn't even think about. I really wish I could describe everything but it wouldn't be the same as living it. I love being a missionary! また来週ね!

-Elder Chab

I was with Harrison長老 and Coleman長老 on splits and we saw Eteru長老 and Bateman長老 walking the opposite way! It was a super hot day too!

Harrison長老, Eteru長老, and I ending splits with a perk!