Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Second week complete..DESU!

It's been a crazy week! First off, I apologize for the post last week. I had a great post written out; I had every day in detail. The computers here at the MTC are tough to use; there is no file browser to upload the pictures so even getting them onto the post was difficult. When I uploaded the pictures, it deleted my post that I was writing. I also had no idea that you wouldn't be able to see the pictures. Hopefully I get it right this time. As for the pictures from last week, I deleted them off my camera so they are only online; I might have to wait until I get to a regular computer to upload them cause I can't download them here.

Last week, I mentioned that we taught our investigator, Ohira-san. Turns out that she isn't a real investigator! The day after our last lesson, she came into our class and told us she was our new teacher, Sister Waddell! That sure was a shock! Cuff Choro said he felt betrayed lol So now we have 3 teachers: Strauss Kyodai, Waddell Shimai, and Chau Shimai. I love them all, especially Strauss Kyodai. He's super funny. Although they only speak Japanese to us, we have a great bond! We got two new "investigators" this week. Aoi-san and Oto-san. Cuff Choro and I taught Aoi-san yesterday. It was rough, just like our first lesson with Ohira-san. But we won't give up.

After class on Thursday, it rained! Everyone scrambled to get to their residence halls. I love rain, especially cause we don't get much of it back in California. It rained all of Friday and half of Saturday. I got to wear my coats; I love winter wear. We don't have a true winter in California. It's pretty much two seasons: summer and a little bit colder summer lol. On Saturday, we learned Japanese verb bases. It's easier than conjugations in Spanish but it's still difficult. At the beginning of the afternoon class, Strauss Kyodai made us run around the building. Little did I know that my tag fell off while running. Luckily, a good samaritan found it and took it to the lost and found, where I got it back later. Anyway, Strauss Kyodai talked about stress management. That helped us out a lot along with the volleyball game that we played after. 

Every Sunday morning, there is a branch presidency meeting; the branch presidency, zone leaders, and district leaders attend. We just discuss how our districts are doing and any improvements we can make. Dai-senpai are the missionaries that have been here for at least 6 weeks. Senpai are those that have been here for 3. Kouhai are those that are under 3, including me. This past Sunday was the dai-senpais' last regular sunday before they leave to Japan; they leave on Monday, Oct 3. Since this coming sunday is general conference (which I'm excited for), the farewell meeting was moved to this past sunday. We went to the temple to take a branch/zone picture. Sacrament meeting was super spiritual. The branch presidency thanked the dai-senpai for their service here. There were 4 special music performance. A couple missionaries from my district -Bill Shimai and Davis Choro- performed in a few. At the end, the dai-senpai sung "I'll Find You My Friend" in Japanese. It was beautiful! During all of the performances, the spirit was felt so strongly. For those that know me, you know that I am not much of a crier. I didn't cry during graduation or when I flew out to the MTC. However, during that sacrament meeting, I couldn't help tearing up a lot. Us kouhai haven't know the dai-senpai for long but the bond that we have with them is amazing. We love them so much and we'll miss them.Huber Choro, Queiroz Choro, Short Shimai, and Conejo Shimai are our zone leaders; its hard to believe that they are leaving already. I'll also miss Kamae Choro, Nielson Choro, McDonald Choro, Ford Shimai, Paige Shimai, and Morris Shimai.  I know they will do great in Japan and I wish them the best! Our branch is going to shrink a lot; we are losing 23 missionaries and only gaining 3 this week. I'll be a senpai next week...its crazy to think I've been here for almost 3 weeks! 

I should explain the whole "DESU" thing for the title. After the first few days of our arrival, my district was pretty worn out. We decided to speak "fake Japanese". We would say a sentence in English and add "desu"-which means is/are and is usually placed at the end of a Japanese sentence- at the end. We laughed so much whenever someone did that. Strauss Kyodai showed us a serious video; at the end of the video, it was quiet. Then he just says "desu". We burst into laughter and he was confused. We explained it to him after. Little things like that are more reasons for me to love my mission and the people around me.

I'll have to talk about the members in my district in another post as I don't want to spend all of my P-day talking writing about how wonderful they are. I love them so much! Every night, before we go to bed, our zone has a devotional. Someone gives a spiritual thought and then we have a prayer. After that, we hug each other and say "ai shite imasu", which means "I love you". The love in our branch is amazing. I love my mission so much! Anyway I hope all of you have a great week! I'll write more next week! Ai shite imasu! 

​District 5B! From Top: Davis Choro, Crippen Choro, Me, Jones Choro, Cuff Choro, and Sadler Choro
Bottom: Epling Shimai, Lockett Shimai, Snow Shimai, and Bills Shimai

​Cuff Choro and I at the Provo temple after doing endowments!

​Kamae Choro and Ballard Choro!

​So takosan means octopus..but we thought they said taco-san..No need to explain.Our new mascot!

​First rainy day!

My English tag! My name will be in Katakana when I get my new tags!

​The view from the entrance gate at the MTC

Branch 5 of the Japanese missionaries!

​Zone leaders Queiroz Choro and Huber Choro

​District 5B's Chorotachis! Jones Choro,Davis Choro, Crippen Choro, Sadler Choro,Me, Cuff Choro

​Zone leaders and I!

​McDonald Choro and I

​Reppin' Japan

District 5B Shimaitachi: Lockett Shimai, Epling Shimai, Bills Shimai, Snow Shimai

Last week's Pday!

The best Chōrotachi ever!

P-day fun!

Branch 5 Japanese Missionaries

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

I just finished my first week at the MTC.......DESU!

WOW. What a week! My P-day is Wednesday so be sure to check every week!

So I'm a bit mad because I had a great email prepared. For whatever reason, my draft got erased so I have to write everything again. I don't have much time left so I'll sum everything up for now and I will write more later.
On the first day, we were sent to class and the teacher spoke in Japanese.It was awkward but we learned a few phrases. My companion is Cuff Choro(elder in japanese). My roommates are Cuff,Davis,Jones,Saddler and Crippen Choro. I am in district 5B. I also became a district leader. We taught our investigator Ohira-san for the first time on Friday. It was in Japanese. It was horrible because we didn't know what we were saying. We didn't give up and we don't plan on giving up anytime soon. The next 3 lessons were great! On exercise day, we play soccer or volleyball.Its a great stress reliever and its fun! Devotionals are the best part of each week. They are every Sunday and Tuesday of each week. I also joined the choir with the rest of my zone. I've never sung before but its great. I will explain a lot more next week. Have a great week! Ai shite imasu(I love you)!

Provo Temple!

Elder Julamalee(I don't know if I spelled it right) and I before we went to the MTC

My second family!

The Sukhans

Sukhans and Brother Avery! Brother Avery was a missionary when I was a kid!


I have no idea what is going on here :o

District 5B Chorotachi (Elders)

In line for food!

In the gym for devotional!

Breakfast time!



Thursday, September 8, 2016

Hello everyone!

Before I get started, let me introduce myself. My name is Wanchai Chab for those that don't know me. I grew up in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I go to the Park Ward in the Long Beach East Stake. I am half Thai and half Cambodian. I have lived in California all my life but I had the opportunity of visiting Thailand and Cambodia several times. I was in band through out elementary all the way to high school. I play many instruments including clarinet, piano, and I was also in drumline for the last 3 years of high school. I'm also a computer nerd and I love video games. I graduated from Bellflower High School in June 2016. Most importantly, I love the gospel, Jesus Christ, and our Heavenly Father. That's why I have chosen to serve a mission!

I always knew I was going to serve a mission since I was a kid. But I think what helped me truly realize that was my 9th grade Geography teacher, Mr. Thompson. I remember one day in class, we were learning about leaders of different religions. Then I saw a picture of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. I rose my hand before he could talk about them and said "That's Joseph Smith and Brigham Young!" He responded, "Yea, how did you know?" I replied, "I'm Mormon!" And he said, "No way! I am too!" I thought it was so cool to have a Mormon teacher. Every now and then, he would talk to the class about his mission; he went to Japan! It seemed very interesting to me and that's when I started wanting to serve a mission in Japan. Mr.Thompson, if you're reading this, thank you so much!

I sent in my mission papers around late June. I received my call about 3 weeks later, on July 16, 2016. I wanted to open it sooooooo bad, but I decided to wait until the 19th, so the ward could witness it. Although I was hoping for Japan, I was ready for anything because I know it is what the Lord wants. Boy was I surprised when I found out I would be serving in the Japan Tokyo South mission! The fact that I got what I had my mind strengthened my testimony even more. I'm so excited to serve our Heavenly Father! I report to the MTC on Sept. 14; but my flight is on the 13th. I'll be spending some time with my family in Utah before I leave. Anyway, be sure to check once a week on this blog, I'll do my best to update it each week. If I can't that week, just know that I am having fun serving the Lord!

Here are some pictures from my mission call opening!

My sister, Melody, and I along with my band director and the band members who came!

Melody, Me, and Sister Altier (My 9th grade seminary teacher)

My childhood friend Jacob Gutierrez (he wanted us to pose like this)

New convert Al Sayh and his wife

Brother Becker!

My parents along with Brother and Sister Sao

Bishop Thomson!

My band buddies! Justin, Diane, Andres, Jesse, and Alex!