Monday, June 18, 2018

Miracles out the Wazoo!

This week was full of miracles! It's gonna be in a list format, but I hope you get the sense of it.
1. We met with a guy named 智彦 after P-day. He received a flyer a year ago but decided to meet that day. We had a member randomly join in to 同席 and we had a great lesson on prayer. We also met the next day at that member's house, had dinner together, and taught most of the Restoration. 智彦さん is progressing little by little! 

2. While we were at MLC, we got a text from Kokiさん, saying he wanted to meet and start the lessons over. He hadn't had contact with missionaries for a while, so it was pretty cool for him to do it on his own. We met and went over the Restoration again; he has a pretty solid understanding. I actually taught him last year when I had splits with the zone leaders at the time, so we had a connection already. We were able to set a baptismal date for next March. It's far away, but that's what he is comfortable with right now. 

3. I went on splits with 川崎長老 this week. We have served together for almost 2 years but I've never had a chance to actually work with him. Although it was raining, we had some great contacts on the street and a pretty fun time sharing messages about family history as we housed. 

4. We had our second lesson with 佐藤さん. We previously had him read the Restoration pamphlet and he read it all and came to the lesson with some questions! One of them being "Why does God have requirements for us?" I hadn't thought about that a lot either so we had a good conversation about it. We told him the time for church and he said that he'd be glad to come(And he is coming)! A very humble guy who really seems to want to know God. 

Those were just the major ones! Aside from that, I traveled to Kamakura and Hodogaya for district meetings. Pretty 懐かしい being back there. We've got a full schedule this week, especially meetings. I'm flat out exhausted. But it's all good! Anyway, have fun everyone!

-Elder Chab

Last week as Costco!

We had dinner with the 貝森家!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Good O’l Yamato

Well, due to Costco, rain, and haircuts, I got gimped on time this week. Elder Jaeckel and I have been going hard in the paint these last days and it's been super satisfying. 
We have a few people we are meeting with and they have some potential. I think we can have a baptism at the end of the transfer!
To all the fathers, Happy Father's day! 

-Elder Chab

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Like a Good Neighbor! Transfer 14!

We've been taking advantage of our new apartment by doing some neighborhood cleanup and making friends with our neighbors. One of our neighbors gave us some loquats from his tree and we gave some cookies to some others. Just spreading some love! I got a taste of what member missionary work is. I'm excited for it!

Speaking of member missionary work, we had カレーの夕べ at bishop's house again. We invited 中川さん, the guy we met on the street about 3 weeks ago that took us a restaurant. He's super funny and the members loved him. He was able to learn and experience what members are like in this church. It was a great opportunity and it looks like this is just the beginning! 

Yesterday during elder's quorum, a brother got some heat from another brother. We felt bad for him so we decided to bring him some brownies that night. When we went, he was asleep, but his wife was very thankful. We later got a message of thanks from him. 
Something I realized is that it's about the small things that we do in our everyday life to help other's feel God's love. Not only do we become more like Christ, but we help others as well. There's nothing better than showing love to others!

Well, we got transfer announcements today...I'm going to Yamato and my companion will be Elder Jaeckel! I'm super sad to leave Machida; I love everyone in the ward so much! Gonna be a bit weird cause I'll be visiting Kamakura and Hodogaya, both of my previous areas, each week.  I'm sure there's adventures waiting for me over there! 
Anyway, remember to show some love this week to everyone! Until next week!

-Elder Chab

One of the biggest sports night in Machida!

Machida 1 district!

My last カレーの夕べ


I love these people so much!

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Welcome to 伝道!


I did it. I finally got to pull some weeds out of a yard in Japan! The 林家 invited us to help clean their yards and man, it was fun! We don't get a lot of service opportunities like that in Japan, so it was pretty special (The old me would think I'm crazy). We got down on our knees, yanked some weeds for a little over an hour, and then had some tacos for lunch! 

We later had a basketball tournament with some members and friends that day. We invited a ton but not too many showed up. The ones that did were super good though. We had a blast playing with them! 

We talk to a lot of interesting people as missionaries. One guy working for a bar yelled "Chōrō(Elder), I know Chōrō!", came up to us, and tried to invite us in. We told him we don't drink and a little bit about the Word of Wisdom. He doesn't drink either but loves to smoke. We asked him to give it up for a week. He said it was too hard but he would try a day at least. Talk about calling others to repentance haha. We also met a hiphop dancer who gave us some Japanese advice, a professional basketball coach, and a runner that can do 100m in 10 seconds. 

I was asked to give a talk in sacrament meeting about following King Benjamin's example and doing missionary work. I mentioned that the easiest way to share the gospel is by being an example. Having passed the sacrament with members just before the talk, I felt like a member of the ward. I love this ward!

Had a pretty cool experience while grocery shopping this morning. As we were wrapping up, I asked my companion what we should do for lunch. A couple seconds later, one of my favorite members, 橋本兄弟, comes out of nowhere, puts some food in our baskets, hands us money for it and then says "Here's your lunch". The Lord isn't joking when he says "Ask and ye shall receive". What a blessing!

Something I forgot to mention last week was an invitation from Elder Renlund. When people come to us and say things like "I hear your church has ~~" or "I hear you church isn't fun", rather than explaining ourselves, all we as members have to say is "Come and see". Simple. Effective. Invitational. 

For those that may have questions about the church, I invite you to "Come and see" what The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is about. I wouldn't be on a mission if it wasn't true :) I'd love to share more, including about my week, but frankly it just can't be put into words! I love you all!

-Elder Chab

Monday, May 21, 2018

New Apartment, A Visit From Elder Renlund!

This week was exhausting. Especially physically. Why you might ask? Well we moved out of our old apartment! So we packed, cleaned, and made several trips back and forth   , loading and unloading a ton of stuff. It was miserable with all the dust going around; I hate allergies. But in total, it only took a day and a half to move :)

The new apartment is brand new! We have two apartments; we eat in one, and sleep in the other. Pretty weird if you ask me. But it's got that fresh, new, smell. We are super far  from the station now, so we'll have to change up our finding now. 

We had the opportunity to go on splits with the APs this week as well. Our plans changed due prepping for the next day. But it was kinda cool to see what the office life is like. 

The next day, Elder Renlund of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and Elder Choi from the Seventy came to have a conference with us! It was such an honor to personally meet them. We heard some great talks from them and their wives. They are all so spiritual! 

Something I took out of it is that we have to keep perspective, or the bigger picture in mind. When we remember the fruits of the gospel and work with faith, that's when miracles happen. We are called to serve by a prophet of God. There is nothing to lose but ourselves in the work of salvation. And when we do so, the Lord promises that we will find ourselves. I love this work!

-Elder Chab

Yay moving! 

Moving crew!

Elder Renlund Conference!

Found a Thai restaurant! #represent

Mission conference with Elder Renlund and Elder Choi!