Sunday, February 11, 2018

Party in Machida!


The week goes by faster and faster! So on Monday night, we had a big family home evening with Alex Boye and Bless4 at the mission home. We went with our investigator, 星兄弟. The music was great and 星兄弟 and us loved it! Definitely a once in a lifetime experience, especially as a missionary. 

We met with 星兄弟 everyday this week and were able to finish all the lessons. He's been keeping commitment and progressing a lot. I won't go too much into detail, but I can tell he wants to change. And I can see the power of the atonement of Jesus Christ working through him. All that's left for him is to get married and we'll be all clear for his baptism on the 24th, as well as the other companionship and the sisters. 3 people, one day. I'm so excited to see our fellow brothers and sisters take that huge step closer to our Heavenly Father!

I got a book containing my father's childhood. He grew up in Cambodia, during the reign of the Khmer Rouge communists. He suffered a lot and experienced many trials, including losing family members, torture and being separated from them for 20 years. Eventually, he made it to America, made contact with the LDS church, got baptized. He served a mission in Dallas, Texas and got married to my mom. What struck out to me most was his testimony of Jesus Christ's atonement. Despite having such a rough childhood experience and so much wrong done to him and his family, through the power of the atonement of Jesus Christ, he was able to forgive those people and start a new life. Now I am on a mission. I wouldn't have been here without his sacrifice. I was able to be raised in a stable family, under the gospel. Sure I didn't have experiences like he did, but there are definitely times where I feel like I can't do it alone. And that's where our Savior comes it. So please, if you feel alone, or like you can do something, remember the sacrifice the Savior Jesus Christ made for YOU. Rely on Him. We can do all things in His name. Have a great week! I love you all!

-Elder Chab

Look Mom! I made it on the front page! Taken at the Alex Boye concert!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

What is Machida??

Transfers done, bags unpacked, and now thriving in the land of Machida. What a ride!

It was pretty hard to leave Hodogaya, especially all my 英会話 students. Despite being called to spread the gospel in Japanese, being an English teacher here had a pretty big impact on my mission experience. Transfer day was crazy; we woke up at 5:45 to finish some packing and get ready to catch a train at 6:50. My companion had to be at headquarters by 8:45 for a training meeting for trainers. I waited with the zone leaders and ate McDonald's breakfast before transferring. Luckily, Machida wasn't too far; only 20 minutes. But carrying a bike, suitcase, and backpack was an adventure.

Since arriving, we've been super busy. Our main investigator, 星さん, has an amazing story. When he heard about President Monson's death on the news a few weeks ago, he noticed the church he passed by everyday was the same church and felt like he needed to go. He really wants to change his life. He is preparing to be baptized on the 24th of February. And order to do that, we will be teaching him everyday of this week. The other two companionships also have investigators being baptized on the 24th; so a total of 3 people on the same day. I'm super excited! 

I got to meet the senior couples, the Low's, shortly after arriving. They are currently serving their 3rd mission together; wonderful people. It snowed again on Friday as we walked to their house to repair the toilet seat warmer. That was fun haha. Later on, we had sports night. This is the first ward I've been in with a gym. I played some basketball and ping pong with a couple non-members. Reminds me of home :)

About Machida, no hills! Despite being a city, it's pretty empty at night, except near the station. Bless4 also attends the same church building every now and then. The bishop is just WOW. He's in to physical training, he has 3 piano prodigy kids, and built a mini rock climbing wall for his kids. On Sunday night, we had Curry Home Evening at his house, with our investigators. It was a great experience for them to talk with the members, including the bishop, and eat curry! I love it so much it here! 
That's about it for this week. I am currently waiting with our investigator for an Alex Boye and Bless4 concert to start! Yay missionary life! 

-Elder Chab


Last district meeting in Hodogaya!

Hodogaya 英会話 students

From Hodogaya to Machida!

Always gotta have a silly picture :) 

Big Buddha from weeks ago!

Machida Church

Party in Machida!

宮川姉妹's birthday!

カレーの夕べ Curry Home Evening

Some people have great silly faces.. and some not so good *cough* 

Sunday, January 28, 2018


We had a church tour with Tsujiさん on Saturday. We also taught him some of the Restoration as we went along. He had many questions and wanted to know. He really liked that we can have a second chance through Christ. We taught him how to pray too. It was great! Sadly our buddy 宮本さん didn't come to church yesterday like he said would.

Transfer announcements came in! I am..... transferring! To the Machida 1st ward as a district leader! This will be the first time I go to a stake other than Fujisawa or Yokohama. My new companion will be 池上長老; that means I'll be speaking/learning more Japanese! I'll be in the same apartment as my previous companion, Schow長老 and my MTC senpai, McDonald長老. 楊長老 is training and becoming district leader; he has two transfers left. Sipe姉妹 is going to Kichijoji and Wheeler姉妹 is training and becoming an STL. So Hodogaya will be filled with bean-chans! Exciting stuff! 
Well I'm off to Kichijoji for the rest of the day! Have a splendid week! 

-Elder Chab

Fujisawa East! From zone conference a couple weeks back!

Monday, January 22, 2018

Snow in Tokyo!

I am currently on a train packed to the max as I write this.  With no companion. Pretty crazy. Don't worry, there is an explanation below!

So a lot of this week was rejections and getting ignored. Then on Sunday night, we met to visit someone that Harrison長老 and I found during splits a couple weeks back; 宮本さん is his name. We expected to just follow up if he read a Restoration pamphlet we gave him, but he invited us in. He showed us his custom motorcycle seat he was making for his Harley Davidson. He sewed it all by himself. Then we talked about the pamphlet, he had many questions and we discussed for a while. We shared our experiences and felt the Spirit. Long story short, he's way prepared. We asked if we could setup another time to meet, but he declined, saying he'll just come to church on his own. He said he has a lot of interest though. We'll be praying that he comes this Sunday. 

That was the first time someone has ever let us in their house and share a message. I felt like a real missionary! Even though I know that the success of missionary work is not based on how many people accept us, but wow! I certainly felt the joy mentioned in DC 18:15. 

"And if it so be that you should labor all your days in crying repentance unto this people, and bring, save it be one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of my Father!"

Declaring repentance to bring one soul(which also includes ourselves) back to our Heavenly Father. Be patient, work hard and results will ALWAYS come. I love this work! 

Back in the safety of the church, with my companion, I will now explain my solo adventure. We heard from many people days prior, to be careful of the snow that would come on Monday. We did all our normal P-day morning stuff like grocery shopping. It was snowing pretty lightly; we thought that was all. Then we headed over to 本部 in Kichijoji to practice some dances and songs for the upcoming Polynesian night in March. Turns out I get to use some of my talents as a drummer! A dream come true! As we practiced, the snow picked up; there was snow everywhere. As a Californian that loves snow, I was ecstatic! I ran and jumped all over the snow. Then we headed back to Kichijoji station to return home. 

Little did we know of the impact the snow had on the trains. We arrived at Shibuya, the busiest station in Japan, perhaps even the world. Many trains were stopped, leaving thousands of people in the underground station. We got jammed into a crowd. The best way I can describe it is take a bag of cereal. Every grain of cereal is a person. Now imagine that everywhere. People shoved and pushed and eventually I got separated from my district. There was a guy yelling "Chijou ni detai", or "I want to get to the surface" as he pushed me. 20 minutes later, I escaped that madness. My district was no where to be found, leaving me all alone. My companion was with the sisters so I tried to call but their phone was dead. Luckily, we made a plan to meet at home if we did get separated. I hopped on the next available train, which was just as crowded. Normally it takes about 50 minutes from that point to home but everything was delayed; it took almost 3 hours. I did get to talk to some nice people though.

I arrived at our home station around 7:30 and waited for them a bit. No one came. I walked home in about 20cm deep snow and it was still coming strong. I got to our apartment and knocked cause I didn't have keys, but no one there, neither at the sisters. I sat in front of our door and took a break. I prayed and ate some taiyaki (fish shaped desert). Then I got a call from President saying they just arrived at the station. I headed over and eventually saw them on the road and ran to them! It was 8:40! I was separated for about 4 hours so I was pretty glad to see them! We made it back safely to our apartments, ending my solo adventure. 

Today, Tuesday, we've been shoveling snow off houses, roads, and cars. It's so much fun! Have a nice week! 

-Elder Chab

Last Monday night's zone blitz!

My daily planner I bought two weeks ago! I'm using it after the mission too!

600 grams of tsukemen! I didn't even get close to finishing it!

Snow Vibes!

After practice snow vibes!

My snowman!

Winter wonderland!