Monday, July 24, 2017


Feliz navidad mis amigos!

It's the 24/25th of the month again soooo it's Christmas time! We celebrated it as a zone today! We went to the Fujisawa stake center, exchanged gifts, opened transfer calls, watched "Mr.Kreuger's Christmas", and played dodgeball. I got some nice shades, too bad I can't use them on the mission. But it's all good because I love Christmas!

We met with our new 英会話 students, Hokutoさん and Shimizuさん, on Friday. They went to eat ramen with us for dinner, which was way good. After that, Shimizuさん had to leave but we went with Hokutoさん back to the church for a lesson. He is studying English so he can take a test and go to Australia for college. So we helped him with his speaking ability, he is pretty good! He isn't super interested in the gospel right now so we taught simply about God and prayer. He said the closing prayer at the end too! He said he can probably meet again in August. He's not super prepared to receive the gospel but that's okay. I think with him, we will have to be patient, especially because he is focused so much on learning English. 

We got to do some service on Saturday! We helped Abe姉妹 weed the church garden and plant new flowers. 石井兄弟 came to help too! It was super hot, but way fun! It reminded me of when I did yard work with my dad! 

Ever since I got to Atsugi, we've done a few 食べ放題(tabehoudai-buffet). Shabushabu and cake. After gardening,  石井兄弟 told us about a 食べ放題 at Mister Donuts. Us being 外人s, we gladly accepted the challenge. You would think we learned our lesson after doing it twice but nope! We could eat as many donuts as we wanted for one hour. We had to eat about 10 donuts to get our money's worth...I stopped at 6😁 I don't eat too much sugary things and that was no exception! But it was worth the experience! I then went on a 突然交換(totsuzen koukan- sudden splits)with Gilbert長老 and taught the TOEIC class again. 

So 横山さん has been feeling a lot of pain recently due to his medical condition. He wasn't able to make it to church this week. But we did stop by his house after church, with 種岡兄弟, the ward mission leader. He said he was feeling a lot of stress recently. Him and 種岡兄弟 talked things through; we couldn't understand too much but we were able to testify! We reviewed repentance and then we gave him a priesthood blessing. We didn't get to go over what we planned, but I think he needed what 種岡兄弟 had to say. 

I'm being transferred! My new area is Hodogaya and I will be with Elder Bateman. He was the tech staff a couple transfers ago, so that'll be fun! Kinda odd because I just got to Atsugi last transfer; this is the third time I've done a "one and done" transfer. I guess that means that I am needed somewhere else! I will go and do whatever the Lord requires! I am now on my 7th transfer, 7th companion, and 5th area! Not normal for most missionaries but hey, I knew a mission wasn't going to be a "normal" experience. I love it! また来週!

-Elder Chab

Our 英会話 board this week! I tried to draw the guy from the McDonald's manga! 

Temple picture from last week! 

食べ放題 at Mister Donut!